Bringing happiness to the world through Japanese traditional culture

We are committed to revitalizing the momentum of Japan’s traditional crafts, including kimono, which are currently in a dormant state. By harnessing both analog and digital technologies, we aim to transform these heritage assets into “redesigned products” that fit seamlessly into the modern world and the future. Through these products, we aspire to spread Japanese traditional culture across the globe, deepen bonds with people from different countries, and contribute to the realization of a peaceful world.


“What are the real charms and strengths of Japan?” This project was born from such a simple yet profound curiosity. For years, we Japanese have admired Western culture and goods, eagerly following international trends and actively incorporating them, gaining a sense of satisfaction from coming closer to global standards. But perhaps it’s time for a change in mindset. Japanese people excel in craftsmanship and attention to detail. The crafts and techniques handed down by our ancestors are magnificent, and people around the world admire and respect them. This is because, while superficial imitation might be possible, mastering the unique traditional crafts that have originated throughout Japan is no small feat.

There are still many unrecognized traditional Japanese crafts, including kimonos, that people from other countries would admire. However, it’s not surprising that crafts not adapted for modern use or the needs of their users are on a path to decline, no matter how precious the old ways might be. Seeing traditional crafts as “everyday items made mainly by hand, passed down through generations,” it seems necessary to explore and incorporate lifestyles and needs beyond Japan. (If everything remains as it was done in the past, these practices cannot be passed on to the future.)

Hoping for a peaceful world and future, we want more people to grow fond of Japan and its traditional culture and crafts. That’s why we are utilizing both analog and digital technologies to redesign Japanese traditional culture. Our aim is to make Japanese traditional culture a relaxed and enjoyable part of people’s peaceful daily lives around the world.

Touch the heart of Japan...
Touch the heart of Japan...


Re-designing traditional Japanese culture to enrich the lives of people around the world.


Company name KIMONO-STYLE Corp.
President Hiroyuki Koshi
Adviser Tomohito Ebine
Location 908 9F 4-1-16, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032
Phone number +81-3-6441-0150 (FAX +81-3-6441-0151)
Capital 10 million yen
Business 1)Planning, manufacturing and sales of fashion products, interiors, art products, etc.
2)Sales and purchase of second-hand goods based on the Secondhand Business Law
3)Operation and management of EC (electronic commerce) sites, production and sales of digital artworks
4)Generating industries by utilizing local resources (traditional crafts, technology, etc.)
5)All businesses related to the above.
Date of establishment March 1, 2022
Major Banks Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Ginza Branch
Secondhand dealer license Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission permit No. 304412216908
Trademark Registration Certificate: Japan “一扇(ISSEN)”Registration No.666486
Trademark registration certificate: American “一扇(ISSEN)”Reg. No.7,257,703
Trademark registration certificate: France “一扇(ISSEN)” No.22 4 880 105

Partner company

EIF Co., Ltd.

Operate a business specializing in the renovation of traditional houses and the redesign (restoration and retail) of antique furniture created during those eras.


Currently, we are not recruiting full-time employees.
(Recruitment may start depending on future recruitment plans.)
Please contact us if you are a corporation or individual who shares our vision and would like to collaborate with us.

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