The “Redesigned Haori” has won the Social Products Award at SPA2024.

Our company has been developing and marketing redesigned products based on Japanese traditional craft assets, and we are pleased to announce that our “Redesigned Haori,” launched in 2023, has won the Social Products Award at the SOCIAL PRODUCT AWARD 2024 (SPA2024).

There are numerous traditional craft industries throughout Japan, continuing to create magnificent works even today. However, compared to 20 years ago, the traditional craft industry has shrunk to half its size at its peak, with a decreasing number of craftsmen. We believe a significant factor behind this is the decrease in demand. Given the current situation where domestic demand is unlikely to increase, it seems necessary to explore overseas markets and expand sales channels. Furthermore, creating products that fit the modern era is essential.

Aligned with our vision to “make the world happier with Japanese traditional culture,” we are dedicated to revitalizing the dwindling momentum of Japanese traditional craft assets, including kimonos, by using both analog and digital technologies. We transform these assets into “Redesigned Products” that fit both the contemporary and future landscapes. Through our products, we aim to spread Japanese traditional culture worldwide, deepen bonds with people from different countries, and contribute to creating a peaceful world.